I've filled out the shipping matrix for Canada, USA, Australia, and UK, but there is no way I can fill out the costs for all 184+ countries listed. So, I've entered the price at the bottom of each description. Canada, USA and International
These are the actual photos of the coins. No stock photos. What you see is what you get. No surprises.
If I have more than one of a particular coin, I'll just number them to infinity, instead of listing that I have six of them. That way, you can choose exactly which one you want.
All handcrafted, artisan jewelry is made by my good friend, Paula, in her home in Vancouver, Canada. She's been making her jewelry for a few years and was just selling at local craft fairs, but has now decided to sell her goods on a global market.
Yes I do! Just contact me and I'll work out a rate based on combined weight. Most times I can ship a few items for the same price, and sometimes it's just a couple bucks more.